Text 27 May 2011 Best Bleach Cosplay

Now, sharing a good video to you, after you have seen it, you have to use some information of my post for you news idea. The video is the 2012 best bleach cosplay, if you want to cosplay bleach which I got proposal from internet, I think it very well, and it also very fit the cosplayers. Picking popularity role; this is what we must follow the principle in cosplay show that if you are not handsome that you must not cosplay the beautiful shape role and if you don’t choose the proper that you do not to cosplay; if couldn’t find out the right boy, that you can let girl to do; Choose the suit pose and plot for you bleach cosplay; The cosplay and wig can go to buy from on the internet, but you can homemade them, such as the Zanpakutou, you can homemade it, that you remember that the Zanpakutou can not strong, but to have the effect of threatening; The bleach cosplay show must be extremely lifelike, the resemblance is not important. This is the need watchful place, Now, I share some bleach cosplay costume and cosplay props.

Text 18 May The girl fall in love with the sister 2 of OVA release date announced

The latest news of OVA girl fall in love with the sister 2 Allure of ”decided to take thetrilogy mode, the first” THE of ANIMATION is VOL.1 sale will be held this summer onAugust 29. Next VOL.2 release date of September 26 VOL.3 release date is October 24.
The girl fell in love with the sister ”(Virgin wa お percent さ ma ni love shi te ru) CaramelBox on January 28, 2005 sale of 18 forbidden love comedy adventure game, is a malepseudo-mother type script. 1 of this series for the girls fall in love with the sister ”(PCversion) in the sale of the original due to insufficient supply of First Press Limited Editiontemporary premium sales, cumulative sales of more than 80,000 sets of best-sellingworks. Later Alchemist on sale the PS2 version and PSP version, the TV animation girlfall in love with the sister, “began airing in October 2006, the TV animation itself hasreceived excellent DVD sales performance.
Then, June 30, 2010 fans look forward to the sequel ”girl fall in love with the sister 2Allure of” on sale. Usually the date of the sale of the PC game are routinely scheduled ina week Friday, the corresponding activities within the game ”Allure up to the election, on sale on June 30, 1998 (Wednesday), still get on for the same early return to the 30 000sets of hot sales records. In addition, this PSP version will be on sale on April 28, 2011.
In addition, each volume of the trilogy are well-made, and comes with a lot of special code and fine painting, specifically introduced to purchase special gifts for the wholethree volumes.

Text 2 May cosplay theater professional shooting


In order to capture near-perfect the cosplay theatrical material, the cos photographer must make the necessary preparations, the following main points:
1 understand the story.
cosplay theater and other theater has its own focus and excellent links. As cos photographer, these wonderful aspects of capture down is the key tasks. Photographer should not only arrive the day of the show a shot trouble, you have to and participating coser have a thorough understanding of the contents of the show, if the show plays adapted from anime like Naruto, Bleach, and the like when the stage, you have to go through Duyuan Zhu; performances of original works or plays adapted with the humanities, you have to understand the script; to get you to a more thorough grasp the cosplay theater story, understand the performance provide the basis for the primary and secondary, and the story of the ups and downs of the characters, you be able to seize the most exciting lens when shooting.
2, the development of photography plan.
Writing fight papers before the cos photographer during shooting also need to develop a plan; such as when taking close-range, and when to take the vision of what time to give coser facial close-up. cosplay theater video is different from the dv shooting, shooting opportunities often only once, early plans to become very important. The best way is positive and the writer of societies to communicate to determine a good storyboard; cos photographer can also put forward their own proposals, such as performance when stations, light sound configuration (strobe and dark red light is the absolute shooting the enemy of -0 -) and so on, so that the associations to cooperate in the performance. coser performers and photographers closely cooperate in order to achieve the best results.
To understand the site, select the camera positions.
Done everything ready in respect of the actual shooting to prepare. Most of the cosplay theater performances locations are selected in the theater or open-air stage; the cos photographer should advance to the venue before the show starts to view.
cosplay performance stage is basically divided into rectangular and T-type categories. If it is rectangular, the front shot is the best choice, you can select the auditorium is in front 7-8 row Shooting (distance dv lens is the most long-distance just to reach the stage at both ends is appropriate), but often this position will be occupied by the official camera. This time we should try to negotiate and organizers strive for a relatively good position (center-left or-right, you can choose, but make sure the front of the camera is not blocked). Shooting to the vision when. T-stage, then you should choose the front left or the right of the stage (as close as possible to the stage in order to achieve Yang shot). Shooting time can give close-ups and close-up, try to make a trial societies step. Try several lenses, compare, and to be aware of.
4, finishing items, ready to shoot.
Finally, the cos photographer near the shooting when the need to confirm a few points. Adjusted according to the scene of the shooting plan to communicate timely and cos Societies. Best to let the screenwriter responsible for scheduling community members to understand clearly each shot link, and good performances when to cooperate. To a tripod, In general, the video is fixed shooting, the tripod is indispensable. Of course, if you’re ready for close-up shots or wrist up without -0 – /.
Is the camera is charged, make sure the videotape has been set aside space.


Text 24 Apr 2 notes Bleach would turn into Hollywood Movie, the Hero Hiro would join in the live version


Since the serial of the comic book, “Bleach" once and "One Piece”, “Naruto" adding, "JUMP three pillars", but in recent years due to decline in popularity, the author Kubo announced comic death entered Concluded the animated version of foregone comics step end. Recently, VIZ Media officially announced, Warner has already begun to shoot live-action version of "Death". It is reported that the popular U.S. show “Heroes” Hiro “Confucius increase will also be joining the film, the year is shooting.

In 2010, Warner Bros. Entertainment has acquired film rights of the famous Japanese comic “Death” series, directed by “Get Smart” director Peter Segal, but since then no more intelligence.

Recently, VIZ Media officially announced, because the live version of another classic Japanese animation, “Akira” shooting trouble, Warner has already begun to shoot live-action version of “Death”. It is reported that the “Gods of Wrath” screenwriter Dan Mazeau for the film script writing, the popular U.S. show “Heroes” Hiro “Confucius increase also will join the film, the year is shooting.

Text 10 Apr Photo Studio in Akiba Opened


Link-Up Co., Ltd., which manages the @Home Cafe, on October 10 started up a new business, the Akibahara Project, and opened the Akihabara Photo Studio near Suehirocho Crossing.

The Akibahara Project is directed by the company’s second business division, which plans to construct a new business model and create a new market, while @Home Cafe and other projects are managed by its first business division. The company aims to give birth to a new “Akihabara culture.”

Link-Up is establishing the Akihabara Photo Studio as the first part of the project. With a space of roughly 100 m2, the studio has a flat white floor and stairs, crimson velvet curtains, backdrops and wood paneling ordered from a television program art company. The studio can accommodate roughly five photo shoot setups. The target market for the space, which Link-Up describes as a “compact studio for commercial use,” is a general one, and the company consulted with photographers and video camera operators to focus on improving the studio’s ease of use.

Text 29 Mar Fate Stay Night Rin Tosaka Cosplay Costume

Fate Stay Night Rin Tosaka Cosplay Costume

Anime has produced for decades Soul Eater Death the Kid appropriate after it 1st arrived out in Japan, the foundation of anime may be of many years and now it may be considered a really well-known subject amid people. The anime is recognized by most people, especially amid youthful generations. Some youthful people are so addicted to anime plus they even see anime as their existence center. Then what may be the making road, how unique will be the anime inside the previous and at present? Magical girl when anime 1st arrived out inside the 1900s in Japan, many people nowadays just do not know what is exactly anime; they do not possess a lear definition of anime. People in Japan do not know anime at that time, not to mention individuals nowadays of other countries. At that time, anime was merely a Japanese art, and no other nations knew that. Then gradually, cosplay costume with the advancement of anime, there arrived out the particular figure belonging in the direction of anime characters, they are of large eyes, perfect shape, final fantasy cosplay long hairs and the like in 1960s.Then as additional and additional people nowadays just committed to animate anime marketplace produced at a quickly pace also it progressively distribute to some other Asian nations after which even distribute to unique countries near to the world, it then just gets a planet well-known art.

In the past, anime was merely a really fascinating point from which people nowadays could get satisfaction from very good fun. But as additional new anime factors kuroshitsuji cosplay are additional in to the previous anime, anime has progressively experienced additional problems hidden in. The methods of those anime films can incorporate equally neighborhood and international. In the past, people could just enjoy on TV, but now, there are many anime CDs, people could get satisfaction from the complete episode belonging in the direction of anime once. And gradually, with the distribute belonging in the direction of internet, Devil May Cry cosplay people can even get satisfaction from the cost-free resource, they can uncover out all the anime to enjoy also it is really handy for them to appear for these anime movies.

I hope you also can come to have a look and become our friends!



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Text 22 Mar How To Care Cosplay Wig



Speaking of cosplay, you may think of the many cartoon characters, and gorgeous lolita dress, but today I want to say something about cosplay wigs. Do you know how to care for cosplay wig?

●Try not to close to the high temperature, because the relationship of the material the wig is not high-temperature.

● Wig can not be stained, if necessary pruning can ask a professional hair stylist trim finishing.

● According to the girls, wearing a frequency of about 1-2 months.

● Wash with cold or warm water, normal shampoo is OK with the general conditioner.

● Do not use hair dryer to make it dry. Use a dry towel blot the wig, then place it under sunlight directly.

● After washing, do not immediately comb the wig, you should comb it after drying.

● Use the special wig comb not plastic comb! (steel comb is better than iron comb)

● Curls basically do not use a comb, each time make up by your hands.

● Wig with a long time may tie a knot, do not pull hard, it should be sprayed wig special non-oily maintenance fluid, and then slowly open the bad one.

● Be careful not to spray the wig on Gel pomade like real hair. Use styling agent, so the wig will become sticky.

● Wig can be tied up, but I will not tie it too high or below, or the true hair will come out.

● combing long wigs should divide it into several parts, comb from the bottom to top. You must be patient.

● In the process of finishing wear a small amount of hair loss is normal.

● Usually place the wig in its original packaging. Bring about rejection restored to their original.

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